Monday, May 31, 2010

Lanterns & Phases

"lantern/projector" watercolor/graphite on paper panel, 5" x 5"

"Lanterns & Phases"
acrylic and oil on canvas, 12" x 10"

Broken Relief

oil on paper-mounted panel, 12" x 12" 2010

Broken relief as a term- something sculpted, something round that breaks completely from flatness. The opposite of bas-relief. It's art history used for metaphor. I also enjoy the kind of double meaning here, relief is "broken", indicating a sudden state of worry.

Marble and Stone

gouache, pencil, inkjet text on paper panel, 4.25" x 5.25"

Another study, w/text.

Study for a Monument

oil on panel, 6" x 6"

This little study was the start of an ongoing series related to images of statuary, bronzes and pediment decoration. Oddly enough, I think of it as a companion to the blue circles. In terms of color and shape relationships, they make a good pair.

Circles in Blue Field

oil on panel, 6" x 6"

Re-visiting some old ideas from school days. Namely the circle, repetition and a vague sense of space.


Just a shot of the studio, with paintings basking in the morning light. This may not be the best storage conditions, but I will often sit them here as most pieces remain "in rotation" for awhile until they are finished.

Sunday, May 30, 2010


"Shipwreck" collage w/drawing, 4.5" x 4.5" 2009

"12" collage w/drawing, 4.5" x 4.5" 2009

"Desert Ship" watercolor w/drawing, 4.5" x 5" 2009

Pediment Blues

"Pediment Blues" oil on panel, "18 x 12" 2009

Saturday, May 29, 2010


"Unidentified" oil on panel, 4" x 5" 2008

"Unidentified study"
watercolor, graphite, pen an charcoal on paper panel, 4" x 3" 2008

Monday, May 24, 2010

Elephant Drawings

"Elephant" ink and charcoal on paper-mounted panel, 2.5"x 3", 2008

"Elephant w/grid" watercolor, graphite & pen on paper panel, 2" x 2.5" 2008


on paper-mounted panel
5.5"x 3", 2008

Tiny Comets

watercolor on paper-mounted panel,
2.75" x 1.25", 2008

Comet Hyakutake passed by In 1996, which was also the peak of my backyard astronomy phase. My father and I took the telescope and our cameras out to some rural corner of Harford County Maryland and took some shots. I recall being on the edges of a farm that was completely dark save for a huge tree that was illuminated an eerie green by a nearby spotlight (or maybe it was an enormous bug zapper). Either way we got some good shots of the comet. Years later, I found one of these snapshots. It seemed like a fitting subject for an uber-tiny watercolor; doubled up (as most of my paintings from that time) for a kind of film strip effect.

Clouds (Stolen Painting)

"Square Clouds" oil on panel, 6"x 6", 2008

I am happy to have an image of this painting because it was stolen from a show at a local cafe here in Somerville. Apparently someone liked the painting enough to take it, but didn't respect Art enough to support it. Gone as it is, this painting was based on a photo I took of four clouds in a square formation. I liked the somewhat unnatural sentiment of cloud geometry.


acrylic on panel, 5.5" x 5.5" 2008

"Coast Guard"
oil on panel, 2" x 3.5" 2008

Snow Field

"Snow Field" oil on panel, 8" x 12" 2008


"Vessels" oil on panel, 5" x 5.75" 2008

Ursa Polar

"Ursa Polar" detail

"Ursa Polar" oil on panel diptych, 5"x 6", 2008

Kind of a visual pun here; a painting about polar bears without a home (except for in the stars).

"Backwards constellation/oil rig" oil on panel, each 3" x 3/5", 2008


"Three Icebergs" oil on panel, 5.5" x 10" 2008

Shark Attack

"Frenzy" oil on panel diptych, 3"x4", 2007

A shark attack, seen through the lens of abstract-expressionism. Pollock meets Jaws? More often than not, I choose a subject matter for what it offers me technically. The right form for the content.

Shark Teeth

"Toots" oil on canvas, 8" x 10" 2007

"Shark teeth" etching, 4" x 6" 2007

"Shark teeth" etching, 4" x 6" 2007

Palm Trees

"Palmscape study" oil on panel, 4.5" x 6", 2007

"Palmscape" oil on canvas, 48"x 60", 2007

"Palms in a storm" Lithograph, 10" x 14" 2007

"Palmscape" etching w/ drypoint, 8.5" x 12" 2007

"Palmscape 2" etching w/drypoint, 8.5" x 12" 2007

"Palmscape 3" etching w/drypoint, 8.5" x 12" 2007

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vesuvius Series

"Vesuvius #1" oil on paper-mounted panel, 6" x 6", 2005

"Vesuvius #2" oil on paper-mounted panel, 6" x 6", 2005

"Vesuvius #3" oil on paper-mounted panel, 6" x 6", 2005

This series of three paintings was completed during a MICA trip to the Amalfi coast of Italy in the summer of 2005. I had the incredible good fortune to spend a couple of weeks staring at Mt. Vesuvius from the edge of a rocky jetty in the port town of Piano. It was my "plein-air" moment, complete with sea-salt and stray dogs. Using the volcano as the foil to play with distance, as well as shape and color, I started to use specific shapes to "set off" the composition. The parallel bars, triangles and the four points of a rectangle all sit somewhere within the field of vision, which I found keeps the distance, as well as the painting somewhat active. I also like the idea of graphic representations (triangle) of the mountain, super-imposed over the real thing, or at least a patchy representation of the real thing.

Birdhouse Etchings

"chatterbox" Intaglio, 9.5" x 9" 2005

"cabin fever" Intaglio, 14.5" x 11" 2005

"over-easy" Intaglio, 9.5" x 9" 2005

"Two birdhouses" etching, 5.5" x 5" 2005

"A Cage" etching w/soft ground, 8" x 4.5" 2005

"Birdhouse in light" etching, 8" x 4.5" 2005

"Birdhouse" etching w/ 3 colors, 4.5" x 4" 2005

"Cage" etching, 8" x 4.5" 2005

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cukoo / Birdhouses

"Cukoo" oil on panel, 11" x 9", 2004

"Three Choices" oil on panel, 10" x 20", 2004

Friday, May 21, 2010


Several birdhouse paintings, oil on panel, all approx. 4.5" x 4" 2005